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To achieve the best possible disposition of civil liability claims, either by trial or negotiation, in accordance with the wishes of our clients.
New York Personal Injury Defense Lawyers
New York Malpractice Defense Lawyers

Insurance companies, corporations, hospitals and other entities need to be able to operate with the sense of security that when they are faced with a truly complex and costly claim, they have access to the necessary resources to create a successful defense.

Since 1982, the New York defense firm of Rende, Ryan & Downes, LLP, has been providing exceptional representation against all types of claims.

We utilize our decades of experience and exceptional litigation defense skills in a variety of legal matters including:

Medical Malpractice Defense — Medical malpractice claims may take many forms, including birth injuries, surgical outcomes, failure to diagnose a particular condition, medication issues, and nursing home neglect. We represent physicians, medical groups, hospitals, and other healthcare providers whether insured, self-insured, or uninsured. We also guide our clients through the investigations conducted by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct and other similar investigative bodies.

Such suits, whether relatively minor or significantly major, require unique handling. Our firm offers experience and a depth of knowledge in such claims, giving each the same level of commitment to minimize risk and maximize the chance of a successful outcome.

Our services allow our clients to focus their attention back to treating patients and managing their normal affairs, while we attend to the legal issues confronting them.

Products Liability Defense — When a consumer claims injury from an allegedly defective product, manufacturers, distributors and retailers may be exposed to liability. Every entity involved in the manufacture or sale of a product may be held responsible for all or part of an injury. Our office has handled a wide variety of such cases, from Complaint to Appeal, including in-depth investigations into the cause of the claimed injury, expert analysis of the particular product involved, and the gathering of records and witnesses in the formation of the client's defense. Every aspect of the product's journey through the chain of commerce is analyzed, from its design to the hands of the ultimate consumer.

At Rende, Ryan & Downes, our attorneys have achieved a reputation amongst manufacturers, retailers and their insurers for handling cases involving complex products that create difficult legal situations and obtaining satisfactory results for our clients.

Municipal Liability Defense — Given the magnitude of the responsibilities which fall to municipalities, even well managed police departments may be confronted with claims of wrongful arrest, police brutality, civil rights violations or malicious prosecution. These claims present special problems for municipalities and their employees. They may create issues beyond the immediate case that may affect a municipality's ability to discharge its duties. A sound defense can help minimize collateral issues that involve social, political and financial repercussions.

At Rende, Ryan & Downes, LLP, two of us are former prosecutors. This familiarity with police procedures and the rules of law gives us special insight into the complexities of police misconduct claims in Court.

Negligence Defense — A personal injury accident can become the basis for a negligence lawsuit, especially in areas of law where strict liability is imposed, as in New York Labor Law violations. Catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases can pose tremendous challenges for the parties alleged to have negligently caused or contributed to those injuries. An aggressive defense requires experienced counsel.

Our firm offers defense representation in a variety of negligence situations including:

  • New York Labor Law claims
  • Construction accidents
  • Truck/commercial vehicle accidents
  • Auto accidents
  • Slip and falls and premises liability

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