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Accusations of civil rights violations on the part of a police officer or department can create dramatic legal liabilities as well as a host of social and political issues. Effective management of the legal issues that arise will help temper and minimize the likelihood of the occurrence of other issues.

Given the magnitude of the responsibilities that municipalities have in regard to ensuring the civil peace, even well-managed police departments may be confronted with claims of police brutality, wrongful arrest or malicious prosecution. Claims such as these present special problems for municipalities.

Effective Defense Against Claims of Police Brutality and Other Civil Rights Violations

In addition to the complex nature of the actual lawsuits, cases of this type need to be managed in a way that is sensitive to a variety of factors. These factors can include the perception the public has of the case or concurrently occurring events that may affect the way that such a claim needs to be handled.

At Rende, Ryan & Downes, LLP of our 4 attorneys, 2 are former prosecutors. This familiarity with police conduct and the rules and laws that they must obey allows us to deftly maneuver the complexities of police misconduct cases in federal court and to provide effective police brutality defense. With decades of experience defending municipalities against civil rights violations claims, in addition to our experience as former prosecutors, we can provide a comprehensive response to whatever types of legal challenges that are being presented.

Police misconduct claims need to be fully investigated in order to create a proper and effective defense. Let our attorneys' familiarity with the laws that govern police behavior create a thorough investigation and legal defense strategies that bring about resolution.

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