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When someone is injured by a defective product the chain of potentially responsible parties can start to march backwards up the chain of commerce. Each commercial entity that was involved in the in the manufacture, distribution or sale of a product that has injured someone may be held responsible for that injury. This responsibility can travel all the way to the manufacturers of individual components of a finished good.

Complex Cases Deserve Highly Skilled Defense

Products liability cases can be very complicated. In many instances a products liability defense will require an examination of the particular product that was alleged to have caused harm; there may be a need to have the manufacturing process, the materials and the components of the product evaluated by outside experts.

Even small parts of the product's journey, from design to the hands of a consumer, may need to be scrutinized. Was the product improperly handled after it left the manufacturer in such a way as to make it prone to cause injury? Were necessary warnings not provided by a retailer?

At Rende, Ryan & Downes, LLP, our New York product liability defense attorneys are highly experienced at tracing the chain of commerce and pinpointing information that will be favorable to our clients. We utilize outside experts to conduct the necessary investigations and analyses.

A Reputation for Effective Product Liability Defense in a Plaintiff-Friendly Area of the Country

Our area of the country has been a particularly beneficial training ground for learning how to defend products liability cases. We have been helping businesses clear their names for nearly three decades.

With the level of compensation that can be part of a products liability case, our capacity to create positive results for our clients has been a necessity. We have been rewarded for our efforts with a reputation among insurers and a variety of other industries for taking complex, difficult legal situations and creating solutions that achieve our clients' goals.

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